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December 13, 2012 at 5:53am

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Criminal Activity Exposed-Ingredient Mislabeling-Conspiracy To Price Fix Through Artificial "Price Maintenance"-Fabricated Corporate And Product Histories-Theft By Coercion-Use Of The Courts To Suppress The Evidence And THE TRUTH ABOUT CELLFOOD...FORMERLY OPENALL/CELLFOOD 


         Nu Science Corporation is the world's number 1 selling oxygen & nutrient supplement manufacturer, claiming $350 million in annual sales.  Nu Science is  also the officially documented extortionist of "Ev Storey's Authentic Hand-Written OpenAll/CellFood Formula" from my brother, Robert Henkel.  Michael J. Saltz, who is a partner in the Los Angeles based firm representing Nu Science and who formerly worked for the LA County District Attorney's Office, is presently threatening me with imprisonment for advocating on behalf of the public and CellFood customers in civil matters, as well as on behalf of my brothers in their ongoing battle for justice, vindication and reparation.

          Numerous public, legal, governmental and personal documents that support Robert and Michael Henkel's claims in this blatant case of corporate terrorism have thus far been silenced, as NuScience has attempted to have all details sealed from public view.  While I am neither counsel for the Henkels nor affiliated with Cellfood, I am now compelled to defend myself, my family and our right to speak to the truth of these matters.


           Let me begin by clearly stating the fact that Nu Science Corporation has been lying to the public, CellFood customers, distributors, and partners, as well as State and Federal Courts and governmental agencies for up to 16 years, as newly discovered documents raise disturbing questions.  These same documents also show that Deutrel Industries, Inc., has done the same for up to 25 years.  These are matters that initially occurred before my brothers appeared on NuScience's radar in 2008. 

           As such, I will not go into detail at this moment other than to say that these product misinformation and disinformation issues are ongoing concerns of vital interest to users and distributors of CellFood and the appropriate governmental agencies, as class action should be taken.  I assert that the knowledge of the existence of these issues will prove to be additional motive for NuScience's malicious actions toward my father, my brothers, and now me.  More information about these issues can be seen throughout this document and at the link below.  Additional information requests can be sent to


          Robert Henkel first contacted NuScience, Lumina Health and OxygenForLife in early 2008.  Based on the information available at these Cellfood sites, which conveyed errors in their formula and process for CellFood, he offered his product, DeutroCell, for distribution or sale. 

          In what can only be described as the opening act in a 5 year ongoing campaign of terror, NuScience used this introductory contact as an opportunity to enact a scheme to discredit, extort, and ruin Robert and Michael, not only because NuScience viewed the Henkels as competitors, as David McKinney testified, but also because NuScience had many secrets to keep which, if divulged, would destroy the credibility of their product and corporation.


         NuScience encouraged CellFood distributors Mark Rubin, on March 28, 2008, and Paul Matulovich, on April 17, 2008, and at least one officer of NuScience, David McKinney, at a later date, to develop disingenuous relationships with the Henkels, all of which laid the groundwork for the fraudulent default judgment filed for on April 23, 2008 in California, just 6 days after the Matulovich correspondence.

          NuScience had their own officer, David McKinney, purchase a single 1oz bottle, which was then fraudulently presented as "substantial sales" to the court, creating the jurisdictional issue which is yet to be decided.  The December 20, 2012 decision to hear Robert's appeal on this issue is a good indicator that the truth will finally be heard.

          A portion of Robert Henkel's most recent filing can be seen at the link, below.  NuScience's long awaited response will be added here in the coming month, or soon as possible.


         This fraudulent default judgment was the stepping stone to a fraudulent racketeering suit involving that same NuScience officer, David McKinney and the Henkels. NuScience claimed to have dropped this racketeering suit against them, but the record states that, on March 18, 2011, the court entered a default against Henkel.  Either way, NuScience's threats of imprisonment and legal entanglement had already been rewarded with the successfully extorted photocopy of Robert's authentic hand-written Ev Storey formula for OpenAll/CellFood, after promising Robert that NuScience would end all litigation if he sent them a copy.

"McKinney responded that the emails relied on by NuScience did not demonstrate that the lawsuit had merit: "NuScience made very clear, from the inception of its case, that it regarded the other defendants as competitors and, in fact, in front of this very court, stated that the case was being used to gather information that would be used in a separate action against the other defendants.""

"Then, before the motion was heard, NuScience filed a request for dismissal without prejudice. In subsequent court filings, NuScience asserted that it dismissed the action "out of fear that the Henkels would retaliate by releasing NuScience's most valuable trade secret on the Internet, despite having a meritorious claim against Defendant McKinney. If the Henkels carry out their threat and publicly release the formula for CELLFOOD®, NuScience will lose its entire business, which presently generates worldwide sales of over $230 million.""

          They had already gotten what they were after, and were on to the next phase.


          Mr. Saltz then contacted the FBI in March 2011, claiming, unbelievably, that the Henkels were trying to extort NuScience. An investigation was opened.  During this period, my brothers were harassed via telephone in such a way that I firmly believe NuScience and Mr. Saltz were attempting to entrap Robert and Michael, who were, and still are, understandably, greatly angered by this series of unthinkable events.  As in a self-fulfilling prophecy, NuScience was hell-bent on producing the evidence it needed to fit the outright lies it claimed to the FBI.  The FBI finally interviewed my brothers in the fall of 2011, approximately one week after this telephone call from Mr. Saltz on September 14, 2011,, in which he asked Robert what he wanted, as in settlement for what they had done.  Robert said he would talk to Michael and get back to him.  Robert went straight to Michael's residence, only to find that Mr. Saltz had called Michael and was asking him the same question.  Michael told him to make it right with Robert.  One week later, Mr. Saltz called Robert again with the same question.  One hour after this conversation, Robert went to Michael's and found him in conversation with the FBI.  Robert and Michael cooperated fully, albeit angrily and shared with them the basic tenets of the truly unbelievable saga that I present to you.

          Nu Science then requested enforcement and imprisonment from the US Attorney.  Ultimately, both the FBI and the US Attorney's Office declined to act or prosecute on NuScience's behalf.  NuScience has asked the FBI to release the telephone conversations, as they believe they got what they were after.  Again, the FBI declined to act.  Only later did the FBI "reluctantly acquiesce" in allowing Plaintiff to discuss various aspects of the investigation against the Henkels."  The release of the full conversations would show two angry victims being further harassed and set up by their assailant. 

          Reeling from this apparently unexpected setback,  NuScience then threatened suit against Yahoo for being the Henkels' web server.  Yahoo declined to act on NuScience's behalf, and instead. in a peculiar way, may have actually acted on the Henkels' behalf.

          NuScience then filed suit with the World Intellectual Property Organization to enforce the fraudulent  judgment and shut down the Henkels' websites, especially,,, and In July, 2012, WIPO decided in favor of Michael and Robert Henkel, based on their legitimate personal interest in these sites, in spite of the convoluted tactics by NuScience.  I believe NuScience even threatened to sue WIPO over this, even though WIPO decisions are final.

           Imagine that. The less you know... the more crimes NuScience gets away with.  NuScience goes so far in some of these ridiculous lies, positions and tactics as to actually claim that their customers are "generally uneducated" as a defense.  Beyond Belief?  These facts are documented and true.


         The official history of CellFood and Nu Science, as well as OpenAll and Deutrel is a fraud put upon the people.  There are very peculiar discrepancies concerning the facts, dates, people and company names of the parties involved, some of which point to criminal acts by Jerald D. Rhoten, in concert with others in the deuterium sulphate industry, on my aunt, Lois Ramm, some 25 years ago.  Many of these documents need further investigation, and I will cover these matters in the near future.

         What I can and will speak to is NuScience's and Deutrel's complete disregard for truth and the rule of law.  Kevin Negrete is NuScience's President, and is chiefly responsible for the actions taken by NuScience toward my family, as well as presenting and perpetuating the misinformation and outright lies about the Henkel Family, CellFood, CellFood's history, NuScience's history, and even the documented history of Ev Storey himself.  Deutrel Industries, Inc., and the Rhoten Family Trust are also complicit in this, as they are the actual owners of one of the trademarks that NuScience filed suit over, and, in fact, are represented by the same law firm,  JACOBSON, RUSSELL, SALTZ & FINGERMAN LLP that represents NuScience in the present case.  As Deutrel controls NuScience, Jon, Kim and Kathy Rhoten must be seen as acting in concert.  More information about Kevin Negrete and the NuScience operation can be seen at the link below.

           In addition, there is at least one formula/process specific detail in NuScience's own filings against Robert and Michael that proves NuScience is not able to make CellFood, without first receiving a "seed' from Deutrel Industries, Inc.  This is important because Nu Science and Deutrel claim that every product that they offer contains CellFood.  Obviously, it is OpenAll that is in every product.  The Rhoten Family and/or Trust own and/or control Nu Science and Deutrel Industries, Inc., which is based on Ev Storey's Deutrel Laboratories.  They sell a product called OpenAll, based on Ev Storey's OpenAll, which Jerald D. Rhoten purchased on May 24th, 1991 from Lois Ramm, nearly three  years after Ev's death on August 3rd, 1988.   



Jon Rhoten, Kim Rhoten, Kathy Rhoten, Kevin Negrete, Joy Cagle

Mark Rubin, LuminaHealth CellFood distributor

Paul Matulovich, CellFood distributor, Africa:

ECO Group International Distributors of OpenAll Executive Team

Ronald E. Rafter Chairman Kim I. Christiansen President Ronald E. Graves Director of Technology and Production Kelly M. Paulsen Vice President and Manager William C. Berlin Director Terry Picken Director of Finance Mr. Li Xiaobo Director and Chief Manager Asia Operations Manuel Layseca Torres, PhD  Agronomist Jon Rhoten President, Deutrel Industries

Deutrel Industries Background

Deutrel was formed in 1969 by Everett L. Storey, a physical chemist and microbiologist. In 1960, he perfected the deuterium process of soil normalization, leading to the present day unique product, called OpenAll®. The company name “Deutrel” is derived from the “deuterium” process. After the death of Dr. Storey, Deutrel was sold to the Rhoten Family. Corporate headquarters were moved to Lancaster, California.



           John R. Henkel was our father and Lois Ramm's brother.  He was a friend and colleague of Ev Storey.  They met in the early 1980s, while our father was researching and patenting his revolutionary circuitry, which he liked to call the Henkel Exciter.  John R. Henkel's patented rules, as he called them, are set to officially expire later today, Dec. 21, 2012, after 20 years in which many people and corporations in many countries have infringed and otherwise outright stolen the credit and economic benefits to be realized from his discovery of this Low Energy Nuclear Reaction relating to interacting electromagnetic fields and cells.  It is now known that these LENRs can occur in only a few different scenarios.

           Ev Storey and John R. Henkel should be rightfully recognized as pioneers in this cutting edge field of scientific research and development.  As my father stated some 25 years ago, the key to free energy and unlocking the potential energy and mysteries of everything in the universe was in his patent.  Ev Storey said the same thing about his deuterium sulfate.  These were obviously two men who devoted an inordinate amount of time pondering and developing deep theories and concepts of vital interest to all mankind,  which are just now beginning to be utilized to the benefit of humanity.

          This is an epic tale unto itself, but I had to mention it as a pretext as to how our story could be true.  Beyond that, I have been researching my father's theories and principles, and they are applicable to the processes which occur within the deuterium cycle, and thus, may actually apply to CellFood.  Ev always said that was where the magic was.  In the deuterium.  John R. Henkel claimed that his discovery was universal.  Its connection to Ev Storey's work can not only be witnessed in the fact that they were both masters of sulphuric acid and optimizing cellular energy production,storage and transfer, but also by the fact that they were both dealing with hydrogen gas and hydroxyls, as our father described them in his patents.  Hydroxyls are isotopes of gases and include deuterium.  So, because the scientific establishment, at that point in time from 1980 to 1992, was still not fully aware of deuterium and all of it's strange miraculous qualities, both electrically and chemically, It was generally not even properly described or discussed. 

            Ev speaks to this issue in his Deuterium musing, which he personally gave to Robert, along with other writings and documents, after welcoming Robert into his life and home as family and teaching him his secret formula. 

            For our father's revolutionary work in this field, which can be seen below, Ev called him the "Battery King" and the "King of Nicad".  During this period, Michael assisted our father with his electrical research and business at Exciter Battery and Electric, in Davenport, Iowa, while Robert assisted Ev and Lois in their OpenAll business at Deutrel Laboratories, in Santa Paula, California.

          As I was born in 1971, I was still living with my parents during this period of time.  As a young man, I was wise enough to understand the gravity of my father's work, and the intelligence of the people he corresponded with.  I spent a lot of time listening to him in conversation with colleagues, and thus believe I can speak to these matters.  For this same reason, I did have the opportunity to speak with Ev Storey once.  I first drank Ev's OpenAll in 1985, after my father introduced it to me.

          Lois Ramm was Ev Storey's partner until his death on August 3, 1988.  Lois lost her husband, Louis Ramm, on June 18, 1986.  According to her obituary, she lived in Santa Paula, California, for approximately 10 years before returning to her birth state.  She attended my wedding in September 1997, so it was not long after Louis' death that she began her life with Ev.  After Ev's death, she received his estate and continued in business until May 24, 1991, when she sold Deutrel Laboratories and her formula to Jerald D. Rhoten.  Later that year, my father suffered a massive stroke, which paralyzed the dominant side of his body for the rest of his life, and ended his life's work.  His final patent was approved in late 1992.  Lois Ramm died in 2003.  John R. Henkel died in 2009. 

John R. Henkel, Paul Henkel and Lois (Henkel) Ramm (front left, counterclockwiseJohn R. Henkel, Paul Henkel and Lois (Henkel) Ramm (front left, counterclockwise


           In 2004, thirteen years after making their purchase from his sister, NuScience dragged our father into court, to silence him about many details of the 1991 OpenAll purchase contract, which is now known to have had a 5 year non-compete covenant.  According to NuScience's own official filings, it is also now known that there was no OpenAll/CellFood trade secret to begin with, as outside entities were disclosed to know the formula being purchased, and which obviously was not even Ev Storey's formula, according to the contract, itself.

           In fact, these disclosed entities had to stay on with the new company after the purchase from Lois Ramm to teach the new owners, Jerald D. Rhoten and his sons how to "properly" prepare the formula purchased, before leaving to start their own companies, according to one of these outside entities.

          Clearly, NuScience had no legal grounds to take my father, John Henkel to court to begin with, as they did not even have the right to go after Lois Ramm, and obviously did so in bad faith to silence him about these and other facts. Nor did NuScience have the right to file suit against the Henkel brothers, who were not employees of R/M Group and also not mentioned in the purchase contract. Therefore, NuScience's actions concerning my brothers must be viewed as malicious and in bad faith, as well.

"Seller has heretofore disclosed the Trade Secret in confidence to R/M Sciences, Inc. and one or more of the employees of R/M Sciences, Inc.  Buyer shall look solely to R/M Sciences, Inc. and such employees (collectively and individually the "R/M Group") for any damage or loss which Buyer shall sustain from and after Closing resulting from violation of such confidential disclosure by the R/M Group."


           Furthermore, to this day, these multiple outside entities sell products nearly identical or similar to Cellfood and OpenAll and tout the fact that they know how to make Ev's original CellFood formula and taught NuScience how to make it, even confirming this fact in correspondence with Michael.  They even claim that Ev Storey transferred to Michael Botts, in 1988, his formula and technology.  Here are their claims concerning the history of Ev Storey, Lois Ramm and Michael Botts.

"ESF - The Beginning…

— A foreword from the manufacturer, Bill Sims —

     In the year 1988 I, Bill Sims, met brother-in-laws Robert Stark and Michael Botts. Michael Botts was a former partner of Everett Storey and in August 1988 before his death Everett Storey transferred to Michael Botts his formula and technology including many of his original supporting documents, details and strategies. Everett Storey has worked most of his life developing and improving his technology and he needed to guarantee himself that his life devotion would not go to waste. As Everett Storey’s only son had no interest in the business and could not be relied on to carry on, Michael Botts was the natural choice. I began working for RM Sciences a company owned by Robert Stark and Michael Botts in 1988. I was hired to manage their warehouse operation. Our outside salesman was a gentleman named Kwan Kim, from Seoul, Korea.

    During the year 1988, I developed a personal relationship with both Michael Botts and Lois Ramm, widow of Everett Storey. Michael Botts at the time of founding RM Sciences with Robert Stark had another company called Deutral Laboratories Inc. in which Michael and Everett Storey were partners. Michael Botts eventually sold this company to Kwan Kim and his brother-in-law Jerry Rhoten. Upon the sale of the company both Michael Botts and I went to work for the newly purchased company. Our role was to teach the new owners the proper way to produce the product and set up a bottling facility, both Michael Botts and myself left the company in 1993 to start our own companies.

To this day Michael Botts and I are still great friends as well as business associates.

     As I know how to manufacture the old Everett Storey formula I currently manufacture and sell an enhanced version of the original Everett Storey product which I call ESF -Electrolytic Saturating-oxygen Formula.      -Bill D. Sims"

"From: Mike Henkel []

 Sent: Thursday, 15 November 2012 2:56 AM

 To: NHD

 Subject: Re: Order Status #80109 Natural Health Direct

 Can You tell me who makes Liquid Life ESF? it made by Nuscience Corporation?

 Your reply is much appreciated,


From: NHD <mail></mail>

To: 'Mike Henkel' <mike.henkel></mike.henkel>

Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 9:14 PM

Subject: RE: Order Status #80109 Natural Health Direct

Hello Mike,

The importers, Healthworx have advised as follows:

 No! Our Liquid Life ESF manufacturer actually taught Nu Science how to make Cellfood. We have advanced our formula to make it more potent (it is also not diluted – just a pure concentrate)."


          In addition, there are people outside of those involved in the contract who know the formula, at least one of whom has divulged this fact, and whose identity will be divulged at the proper time.  (See below)  Obviously, my brothers also know how to make it. And all of these individuals know how to make Ev Storey's OpenAll  because Ev Storey taught them, long before the Rhoten Family ever purchased a formula modified by Lois Ramm.


            Mr. Saltz' assertion that our father, John Henkel somehow unearthed the formula and other documents after Lois' death, when he was confined to a nursing home, paralyzed for the previous 12 years, and quite literally, near death is, to say the least, disingenuous.  It is documented that Lois resided with Gerald Henkel, their brother, at the time of her death, according to her obituary.  In fact, Gerald Henkel received her estate.  John and Gerald Henkel were estranged for their entire adult lives. 

            It is documented in Robert's vehicle registration that he lived at Ev Storey's house with Lois Ramm after Ev's death and before the sale to the Rhoten family.  It is documented that Robert possesses the original hand-written documents for the OpenAll/CellFood formula in Ev Storey's writing as well as many other personal documents given him by Ev in his latter years. This proof is in the legal documents showing the transfer of the photocopy of the formula from Robert to NuScience's counsel, which is discussed in the June 15, 2012 civil minutes, below.

 Order To Show Cause Re:  Contempt Against Abraham

      "Plaintiff (Nu Science) now requests that the Court issue an Order to Show Cause Re: Contempt against Robert Henkel's attorney, Stephen Abraham.  Abraham filed with Robert Henkel's motions the Declaration of Glenn Johnson, who represented the Henkels in 2008.  Attached to the declaration were documents Johnson sent to Plaintiff (Nu Science's) attorney at the time, Stephen Byers, during the course of this litigation, in response to Byers' request for "documentation regarding formulation for Deutrocell, CellFood, Open-All and other formula created or distributed by Everett Storey."  These documents contain handwritten notes that purport to detail the trade secret formula and preparation directions.  Robert Henkel relies on these documents nowhere in his motions, and Abraham caused the documents to be filed on the public docket.  Plaintiff twice sought to to meet and confer with Abraham regarding the sealing of the documents;  Abraham's responses did not include any reference to the sealing of the documents, but instead took issue with the substantive claims asserted in lawsuit.  Therefore, Plaintiff moved the Court to seal the documents, and they were sealed fifteen days after filing."

          To any rational person, it should be clear that NuScience should never have been able to get a bogus default judgment out of jurisdiction based on false evidence when the simple fact is that there was no trade secret to begin with. With no trade secret, there is no legal standing for NuScience to have ever filed suits against my father or my brothers or to now be threatening me with imprisonment. 


           If these facts are not clear enough, look at the trade secret formula question from a simple direct perspective.  What is this OpenAll/CellFood formula/process?


           NuScience has always claimed a 9 month process for CellFood, with ingredients listed as follows:  purified water, dissolved oxygen, sea water extract, plant source amino acid blend, and plant source enzyme blend.  NuScience claims that CELLFOOD is made from the finest all-natural, plant-based organic substances and that CELLFOOD contains no alcohol, glucose, yeast, or gluten.

           NuScience claims to have manufactured Ev Storey's CellFood for over 40 years.  The truth is that NuScience incorporated in 1997, the same year they received the CellFood trademark.  OpenAll, on the other hand, has been a registered product since 1968.





           Ev states in his own book, Beyond Belief (1982), that it takes 9 days to make.

           By NuScience's own decade-plus long claims of ingredient and process details, it is abundantly clear that NuScience's CellFood formula is not the same as Robert's OpenAll/CellFood formula. Thus, NuScience has put itself into the awkward position of having to explain this huge discrepancy in formula/process and why they would continue litigation efforts once this fact was abundantly clear to them in 2008.

           I assert that only two scenarios could explain this.  Either NuScience has been lying about their product since the day they incorporated and began selling CellFood, or NuScience never knew how to make Ev Storey's OpenAll/CellFood formula to begin with.

           I assert that both scenarios are correct, evident in the contract portion seen here.

     "The Secret Formula, as originated by E. L. Storey, and/or as modified from time to time by Seller, must be proved to be authentic by a sample mixing by Seller and Buyer.  Seller and Buyer understand and agree that immediately after closing, Seller and Buyer shall proceed to the principal business office of Deutrel Laboratories, Inc. in Santa Paula, California, at which time and location Seller shall demonstrate and prove to Buyer by a sample mixing of the Secret Formula that the Secret Formula is authentic."

           Deutrel/NuScience purchased a formula that was "originated by E.L. Storey, and/or modified from time to time by Seller", Lois Ramm.  Look at that sentence again, carefully.  Deutrel/NuScience purchased a formula that was "originated by E.L. Storey, AND modified from time to time by Seller", Lois Ramm, OR modified from time to time by Seller", Lois Ramm.  For this to be Ev Storey's formula, AND/OR would have to replaced with NOT.  Clearly, Deutrel/NuScience  purchased Lois Ramm's authentic secret formula.  This fact alone would be motive for the extortion of Ev Storey's OpenAll/CellFood from my brother and the convoluted suppression of this fact and the actual evidence.


           NuScience Corporation, Jerald D. Rhoten and Kevin Negrete have a documented history of strong armed extortion and theft of other persons' intellectual property, sales, and products, as well.  I will discuss these cases in further detail soon.  Links to these cases are below.  Here is a sampling of Jerald Rhoten and Kevin Negrete's ruthlessness and disregard for the rule of law and rights of others:

1. The Parties

The Complainant is Ed McCabe of Hallandale, Florida, United States of America, represented by Eric D. Offner, United States of America.

The Respondent is Nu Science Corporation, Kevin Negrete, Lancaster, California, United States of America.

4. Factual Background

The Complainant Ed McCabe is an author and journalist based in Florida. According to his website at “,” in 1988 the Complainant published a book, “Oxygen Therapies, A New Way of Approaching Disease,” describing the benefits and techniques of re-oxygenating and re-mineralizing the human body. “Mr. Oxygen.”


In November 2003 the Complainant applied for United States registration of the standard character mark MR. OXYGEN as a service mark, showing first use in commerce on January 1, 1991. The mark was registered by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on July 26, 2005, United States Registration No. 2975802.

The Respondent did not submit a Response in this proceeding. The Registrar’s WHOIS database indicates that the Respondent registered the Domain Name on June 9, 2000.

The Domain Name currently resolves to a website at “,” which advertises the Respondent’s CELLFOOD nutritional supplements that incorporate “bio-available oxygen.” The Respondent’s website provides information about those products and where they can be purchased. According to the website, the Respondent is the world’s leading manufacturer of “oxygen + nutrient” supplements and has produced these products for more than 40 years, based on Everett Storey’s original formulation. The website states elsewhere that the Respondent has researched and developed oxygen-based health and beauty products since 1969, and that it sells its products internationally through a variety of distributors.

The “Our Company” page on the Respondent’s website identifies the Respondent as NuScience Corporation (omitting the space after “Nu,” the form of the name that appears in the Registrar’s WHOIS database). NuScience is a California corporation, listed on the state’s business entity database. “Nu Science Corporation” (at the same address) is listed on the USPTO database as the owner of the registered CELLFOOD trademark.

Counsel for the Complainant sent the Respondent a cease-and-desist letter dated February 2, 2006, demanding transfer of the Domain Name. There is no evidence in the record that the Respondent replied to this letter or to the Complaint in this proceeding."

          Here you can see further proof of Nu Science's scheme to steal Mr. McCabe's business and personal likeness, in their O2 Dr. Oxygen trademark.

          It should be noted that the correspondent listed for this trademark filing by Nu Science is Richard Zaitlen of the law firm Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP.  This is the same firm and attorney, along with Stephen Byers, who represented Nu Science in 2008.  This firm, along with possibly Glenn Johnson, who was Robert Henkel's attorney at the time, was instrumental in the extortion of Robert Henkel.  Nu Science replaced this firm as soon as the transfer of Robert's formula was complete.

          Here is another example of NuScience's extortion tactics.  Jerald D. Rhoten added CellFood to the labels of another product, and then used his own actions to facilitate suit against that company to try to steal their property and prevent them from doing business, after that company refused to pay a "price maintenance" and ceased doing business with Nu Science/Deutrel/The Rhoten Family..  

"Fasteam marketed and sold a cell food product, specifically a colloidal mineral formula concentrate, under the unregistered trademark of "SUPER HYDRO-OXY." Sometime in 1999, Fasteam formed a relationship with NU Science whereby Fasteam placed an order with NU Science for an unspecified number of bottles of CELLFOOD. Id. In or about the summer of 2000, Fasteam placed a second order for approximately 8,000 bottles of CELLFOOD. There was no written agreement between the parties for either order save and except for invoices from NU Science to Fasteam. Id. at ¶ 27, 28.

EFT alleges that for each of these orders, Third-Party Defendant Jerlad Rhoten[2] ("Rhoten") caused to be printed and affixed to the bottles of CELLFOOD product labels which read "SUPER HYDRO-OXY CELL FOOD". Id. at ¶ 29, 30. EFT alleges that such labels gave substantial predominance to Fasteam's pre-existing trademark, did not use the CELLFOOD trademark, and showed Fasteam to be the sole vendor thereof.

In or about September 2003, Fasteam attempted to obtain from NU Science a more favorable price for its next order of CELLFOOD. EFT alleges that "NU Science and RHOTEN refused to provide to Fasteam a more favorable price for the Cellfood Product preferring instead to maintain an artificially high price therefor notwithstanding the fact that the Labels permitted Fasteam to market the Cellfood Product under its own name and logo." Id. at ¶ 33. EFT refers to this decision by NU Science as the "Price Maintenance." As a consequence of the alleged price maintenance, there was no further business relationship between Fasteam and NU Science."

In or about the latter part of 2003, Fasteam embarked upon a course of action to change the name of its colloidal mineral formula concentrate to be marketed under its own trademark of "SUPER HYDRO-OXY CELL NUTRITION", and during this changeover Fasteam reduced the price for its renamed product. Id. at ¶ 35.

EFT alleges that this changeover and price reduction, along with Fasteam's failure to continue to order CELLFOOD, caused NU Science to initiate litigation against Fasteam.  On December 12, 2003, NU Science filed suit against Fasteam and Jack Qin asserting four causes of action: (1) Trademark infringement; (2) Unfair Competition by passing off; (3) False Advertising; and (4) Interference with Prospective Economic Advantage by stealing customers. See Complaint.

EFT then filed its Third-Party Complaint against NU Science, RHOTEN, and Deutrel Industries, Inc.[3], asserting four claims for relief: (1) Declaratory Judgment; (2) Tortious Interference with Prospective Economic Advantage; (3)Common Law Unfair Competition; and (4) Civil Conspiracy.",16

            It has taken me many a rehashing of this affair and others of Kevin Negrete and Deutrel/NuScience to come to grips with what has really happened here. There is a methodical rhythm to the events that have transpired.  The following clearly shows the "one step ahead" operational pattern of perfectly timed overlapping developments in this case, at the hands of Kevin Negrete and Deutrel/NuScience in their quest to keep the truth about Deutrocell from the world.  Mark Rubin, Lumina Health Cellfood distributor, waited some time to return Robert's initial correspondence.  One day after Mark Rubin's reply, Cellfood South Africa filed for Robert Henkel's DeutroCell trademark.  20 days later, Cellfood America filed trademark infringement charges.  The document is difficult to read, but please do.

Why was this not mentioned by Nuscience in their suits? 

Filing Date:18/03/2009


Class 5: Pharmaceutical and medical substances and preparations; medicinal

and infants and invalid?s food; dietary, nutritional and food supplements of all kinds and

descriptions, vitamins, minerals, vitamin supplements, mineral supplements; supplements comprising or containing deuterons and/or trace or other elements; detoxification and immune system agents, substances and/or systems; energisers; in the name of VITALITY CELL FOOD (PTY) LTD, Villa Laciandra, Plot 77, Driefontein, MULDERSDRIFT, 1747, South Africa.

Applicants admit that registration of this trade mark shall not debar others from the bona fide descriptive use, in the ordinary course of trade.

Filing Date: 04/03/2008

Filing Date:18/09/2008

           It should be absolutely clear that NuScience MUST be investigated for racketeering and extortion, as well as countless other crimes.  In addition, NuScience has contacted several customers of the Henkels and threatened them into ending their business relationships.  Nu Science's actions have resulted in inestimable damage and losses to the Henkels, especially considering the fact that Nu Science has made sales of up to $1.5 billion in the 5 years since their vendetta began.  But the world is waking up to the truth of these matters.


                           "Henkel please I know that you not have a good IDEA for CELLFOOD and Nu Science but my self not is resposabile about this situation and i think that this not is correct about me. I not know you and i am sorry for your situation. thank you for undestand! The your opinion is your opinion the reserch scientific reserch is other situation. Anyway if you have question please contact Nu Science Corporation and not contact me. I am not responsabile for this!"

                                                    Giorgio Terziani

           Let me be clear that Mr. Terziani, NuScience's associate in Italy, has not been implicated in these crimes.  As common courtesy, I have requested his ambassodorship in resolution of these matters.

THE TRUTH:  NUSCIENCE CORPORATION V. ROBERT HENKEL ET AL Case Number: 2:2008cv02661 Filed: April 23, 2008

           The timeline of NuScience's filings in the case against Robert and Michael Henkel can be seen below.  It clearly shows that a response was submitted and rejected by the court before the default was entered.  The default judgment, which is entirely based on  fraudulent claims, had trumped every attempted appeal in the California Courts up to the Dec. 20 decision, despite the fact that Stephen E. Abraham has been representing the Henkels since the latter part of 2011.  Lt. Col. Abraham, well known in legal circles, was already representing David McKinney in the civil RICO case when he contacted Robert after the FBI fiasco and offered his services.  This is a travesty of justice that can be remedied, but only if the entire truth about these matters is taken into account.  The case is presently under review by the California Courts concerning jurisdiction, and further filings will occur over the next several months.


           In Nu Science's own recent filings for enforcement of this fraudulent judgment, they actually confirm that they possess Robert Henkel's authentic formula and clearly want this fact sealed from the public.  Their own words demonstrate the desperation of their actions.  I quote, again,  from the June 15, 2012 civil minutes;

"Plaintiff (Nu Science) now requests that the Court issue an Order to Show Cause Re: Contempt against Robert Henkel's attorney, Stephen Abraham.  Abraham filed with Robert Henkel's motions the Declaration of Glenn Johnson, who represented the Henkels in 2008.  Attached to the declaration were documents Johnson sent to Plaintiff (Nu Science's) attorney at the time, Stephen Byers, during the course of this litigation, in response to Byers' request for "documentation regarding formulation for Deutrocell, CellFood, Open-All and other formula created or distributed by Everett Storey."  These documents contain handwritten notes that purport to detail the trade secret formula and preparation directions.  Robert Henkel relies on these documents nowhere in his motions, and Abraham caused the documents to be filed on the public docket.  Plaintiff twice sought to to meet and confer with Abraham regarding the sealing of the documents;  Abraham's responses did not include any reference to the sealing of the documents, but instead took issue with the substantive claims asserted in lawsuit.  Therefore, Plaintiff moved the Court to seal the documents, and they were sealed fifteen days after filing."

          Is this is not absolute proof, out of the criminals own mouths, that Deutrel and Nu Science did in fact use the justice system to extort/steal Robert Henkel's Formula and then used the same courts in an attempt to cover it up?  Did they do these things to my family simply to protect their vast economic holdings from the truth about their product?  Or, did they do these things to protect the false truths about their own product and to suppress the true truth about the Henkels' product?



          Deutrel and Nu Science claim two separate formulas with OpenAll and CellFood, when in truth, and in fact, Ev Storey, at the end of his life's work had one "final formula" that was his OpenAll product, that which I have described elsewhere in this document as OpenAll/CellFood, or OpenAll AND CellFood, if you will, as they were one in the same to Ev.  He talks in his book about how OpenAll began as Reynold's Soil Conditioner and after years of experimentation, was transformed into "the drain opener you can drink."  Ev sold this lone product to people for all applications, sometimes under other labels such as Firm-All or Maggie's Queen Of Hearts pet tonic.  But, at whatever point in time we could reference, all of his products would have been the latest configuration of his formula/process and all made from that one formula.  Although Ev talked about his life's work, called OpenAll, possibly becoming a medicine called CellFood, no such thing ever happened in Ev's lifetime, as can be seen in his book.  Seven months before his death, Ev was corresponding with the Arizona State Chemist's Office concerning this possibility of his OpenAll becoming a medicine.

          As I do not know the formulas claimed to be CellFood and OpenAll possessed by Deutrel and Nu Science, I can only assume that they received a formula from Lois Ramm that may or not have been an Ev Storey formula, and in fact was some combination of one of Ev's ever-changing early OpenAll formulas and one of many experimental formulas that preceded each alteration to his formula over the years.  Jerald Rhoten purchased, at best, one or more intermediary versions of Ev's OpenAll/CellFood, and at worst, something my aunt scribbled down for them.  Clearly, it was not his final formula whatsoever.  I quote again from the June 15, 2012 civil minutes:


"Moreover, according to Abraham, the formula detailed (Henkel's OpenAll/CellFood Formula) can not be Plaintiff's (Nu Science) protected formula, because it contains (omitted), which Plaintiff has disclaimed as an ingredient in its own product...and sulphuric acid.  Abraham argues that, if the documents do in fact reveal Plaintiff's trade secret, Plaintiff (Nu Science) is "perpetuating a fraud of staggering proportions and exposing the public to serious health risks, because sulphuric acid is a caustic and known carcinogen."


          The court found Abraham's arguments disingenuous.  I beg to differ.  If CellFood's formula contains sulphuric acid, as the Henkel's and Ev Storey's OpenAll/CellFood do, but do not contain that omitted ingredient, you have a drain opener you can NOT drink, as your end product is sulphuric acid.  With this omitted ingredient in the process, you have what Ev Storey called "the drain opener you CAN drink", as the product is transformed into deuterium sulfate. In the Henkels' Formula, what goes into the process as sulphuric acid comes out as deuterium sulfate, which is NOT sulphuric acid, but is described as "unusual sulphuric acid" in some circles.   Ev spoke about science's limited understanding of the differences between deuterium sulphate and sulphuric acid in his book, some of which can be read below.  Like Ev Storey said, the magic is in the deuterium, which, by the way,  is NOT the omitted ingredient discussed.  And that's about all I should say about the formula/process discrepancies and the ramifications, thereof, specifically, other than there are obvious significant discrepancies.              



           Ev Storey died August 3, 1988.  From his obituary, we can see that he founded two companies in his life:  Deutrel Laboratories and Deutrel Research.  Jerald D. Rhoten purchased OpenAll and Deutrel Laboratories in Santa Paula, California on May 24, 1991, from Lois Ramm.  So, how is the following possible?  On Thursday, July 05, 1990, a U.S. federal trademark registration was filed for OPEN ALL by Deutrel Industries, Inc., LANCASTER 93535.  

           Also, on October 14, just 2 months after Ev's death and 2 and a half years before purchasing Deutrel Laboratories, Deutrel Laboratories, Inc. had a location in Palmdale, CA. Active officers included Jerald Rhoten. Filings: Articles of Incorporation (CA - Inactive) State of Record: CA State Reference ID: 01625847 Registered Agent: Jerald Rhoten File Date: Friday, October 14, 1988 Active: False Filing Type: Articles of Incorporation Source: California Secretary of State last refreshed 11/2/2012.

           Lastly, why does the contract that Nu Science presents as proof of their corporate legitimacy state that it was Deutrel Laboratories, Inc. in Lancaster that it had purchased from Lois Ramm?  And why was she listed as "Shareholder"?  Deutrel Laboratories(not Inc.), both before and after Ev Storey's death, up to the day Lois Ramm sold it to Jerald Rhoten, on May 24, 1991, was based at PO Box 768 in Santa Paula, California.  Evidence of this is seen in the many supporting documents.  Among these items that confirm the name and address of Ev's company are Deutrel Laboratories letterhead, correspondence from state authorities just 7 months before Ev's death, Ev's obituary, Ev's book "Beyond Belief", and postage labels from Deutrel Laboratories and Lois Ramm postmarked 1 year after Ev's death, as well as external documents which detail OpenAll and Deutrel Laboratories, including Cellfood's own advertisements and even an interview from 1998 involving Africa distributor Mike Matulovich at OxygenForLife and Jerald Rhoten of NuScience/Deutrel claiming that Jerald Rhoten purchased Ev Storey's Deutrel Laboratories.  There are many questions yet to be answered by Nu Science and Deutrel in this case, as  the Henkels' claims have not yet been allowed to be presented or answered. 




           I will now demonstrate, as clearly as the documents and testimony will allow, exactly what is going on here.

AUGUST, 1988

          As previously documented, in 1988, Bill Simms claims to have met Michael Botts and Robert Stark, who were brothers-in-law and partners in R/M Sciences, a company that did business with Deutrel Laboratories and Ev Storey before his death, and Lois Ramm and Deutrel Laboratories after Ev's death.  This is documented in this correspondence between Lois and my father in August 1989.  In August, 1988, Michael Botts claims to have received Ev Storey's formula before Ev's death.

AUGUST 3, 1988

          On August 3, 1988, Ev Storey died.

AUGUST 3, 1988-OCTOBER 14, 1988

           Bill Simms claims that Michael Botts, who is an associate and friend of Bill Simms to this day, was a partner in a company called Deutrel Laboratories, Inc., with Ev Storey.  Bill Simms claims that Michael Botts sold this company sometime after Ev's death to Jerald D. Rhoten and Kwan Kim, who was R/M Science's salesman and also Jerald D. Rhoten's brother-in-law. 

OCTOBER 14, 1988

           The Articles of Incorporation for Deutrel Laboratories, Inc. state a filing date of October 14, 1988 by Jerald D. Rhoten.

AUGUST 8, 1989

            Michael Botts and Robert Stark are still doing business as R/M Sciences, purchasing OpenAll from Deutrel Laboratories.

JULY 5, 1990

            A trademark for OpenAll was filed for on July 5, 1990 by Jerald D. Rhoten at Deutrel Industries. Inc. 

MAY 14, 1991

            A trademark for OpenAll was granted on May 14, 1991 to Jerald D. Rhoten

MAY 24, 1991

            Why, then, did Jerald D. Rhoten purchase Deutrel Laboratories, Inc. and OpenAll on May 24, 1991 from Lois Ramm, when he had already received the OpenAll trademark 10 days prior, and also had already incorporated as Deutrel Laboratories, Inc. on October 14, 1988?

            Ev Storey's obituary states that he founded Deutrel Laboratories and Deutrel Research, both in Santa Paula, not Deutrel Laboratories, Inc., in Palmdale, Lancaster, or anywhere else.  I hereby have no choice but to claim that the total of the evidence available points to outright theft of Ev Storey and Lois Ramm, 25 years ago. 

            When Robert contacted Nu Science and claimed to have the authentic final OpenAll/Cellfood formula, I know that they believed him, because they knew that they had failed in their prior attempts to steal and/or purchase the authentic Ev Storey OpenAll/Cellfood formula 25 years ago, and were hell-bent on finishing the task.  Beyond Belief?  Ev's will shows that Lois Ramm received Deutrel Laboratories, and Ev's obituary is the only place I find mention of Deutrel Research.  At best, Michael Botts received Deutrel Research and he passed it off as Deutrel Laboratories, Inc. to Jerald Rhoten, duping him.  Why else would Michael Botts and Robert Stark still be purchasing OpenAll from Lois Ramm a full year after Ev's death? 

             The only other explanation for all of this conflicting information is that Jerald Rhoten, Michael Botts, Robert Stark, Kwan Kim and Bill Simms all hatched a scheme to get along in the deuterium sulphate business when Ev died.  As Lois had received his estate, my father and brothers John G., Michael and Robert were all helping her for the next couple of years.  Jerald Rhoten did not think that he would ever be able to buy the company, though they were trying.  When it came available to purchase, I believe Jerald Rhoten jumped on it to cover up what he had already done.            

           NuScience's story is a complete fabrication and must be exposed for what it is. I will not be threatened without taking appropriate action, and thus, I must stand with my brothers as family in demanding justice for the many crimes committed against them, and reparation for these crimes and the ceaseless harassment and legal entanglement.  I urge the appropriate authorities and agencies to fully investigate these issues and crimes, and for journalists to ask this malicious corporate giant the tough questions and report on it.  I implore anyone with information regarding these matters to come forward.  Will you stand with us in our quest for truth and justice?


Cease and desist, Mr. Saltz. Your threats will not silence me.